17 Eylul Mah, Kasif Acar Street, No: 58, Bandirma, Balikesir Province, TURKEY

We Produce and Export
Grafted Fruit Trees

We are a wholesale fruit tree nursery in Turkey. We produce high quality fruit tree saplings and export them to all countries.

Our Fruit Tree Nursery

with love & dedication

As Waltree Nursery, we own multiple fruit tree nursery and walnut tree nurseries in Turkey. We were in the industry of tree grafting and production since early 1990s and currently our nursery is one of the leading producers of high quality fruit tree saplings. We export our fruit trees to several countries in Europe. Our fruit trees catalog consists of apple trees, plum trees, cherry trees, apricot, peach, nectarine and pomegranate trees.

Our promise to our clients is that they will always get high quality fruit tree saplings at every order. Our nursery's advantage over our competitors in Europe is that we can produce our saplings for much lower costs. Therefore we are able to offer our trees to customers at lower prices while preserving the quality.

We Produce Many
Fruit Tree Varieties

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Why Choose Us

Good Prices

Our fruit tree prices are lower than anywhere else in the world. Thanks to low labor costs and currency value in Turkey, we are able to produce our trees for much lower costs compared to Europe.

Great Quality

We take extensive care to grow the best quality trees in our region. Our agronomists check the quality of our trees periodically.

Phytosanitary Certificates

We provide phytosanitary certificates with all of our trees. These certificates show the origin of our trees are prove our the good health of our trees.